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Thawte certificate Clients Share Stories of their
Success with our New Business List

Getting to new businesses in a highly competitive industry
Glenn, a nationwide merchant service provider, was having difficulty keeping up with the competition. “At least 9 out of 10 calls we made were to businesses that had already signed up for merchant services,” says Glenn. “Outsourcing our telemarketing to a call center did nothing but make the problem worse. More cost, more overhead, with no results. It seemed like just trying to grow our business was killing us.“

After nine months of exhausting his options, Glenn found In his first campaign alone with a new business list, his close rate quadrupled. “It was like night and day,” Glenn reports. “I knew that being the first merchant services company to make the pitch to new business leads was important, but I never thought it would make this much difference.”

Targeting new businesses without pressure from the competition
“I honestly thought it would not be that difficult,” says Wendy, a young entrepreneur, “I figured every business has a need for office supplies.” Wendy was right, and things looked good for her newly opened office supply store. It was situated in a highly commercial area of a major US city, and there were indeed lots of businesses in her local area that bought office supplies. What Wendy didn’t count on was the significant degree of customer loyalty to the competition.

“I got so tired of hearing ‘We buy our supplies from Staples. Or we buy our supplies from Office Max,” says Wendy, “It was like I never had a chance to earn their business. That’s when a colleague of mine suggested marketing to new businesses in the area.” At that point, she relays that she had never even thought about marketing to new businesses. With, Wendy found a way to identify new business leads in her area and avoid competition altogether. “In my first mailing to the new business list from, I got six orders. That more than paid for the list, and most of those customers have ordered again.”

Getting new business leads in a struggling economy
John, a successful insurance agent, was finding that the economic crunch was slowing his new client acquisition. “With the financial services and insurance industries taking a lot of slack in the economy, we are finding it harder and harder to get into companies to sell our health insurance policies,” says John. He started marketing heavier and heavier, but all he was experiencing was a lessening budget with no solid leads.

“I was getting highly stressed and frustrated about lack of new business coming in the door. Then, I saw an internet ad for” John never realized the purchasing power of new businesses in the insurance industry. He ordered his first new business list and within 3 days of calling, he was fighting to fill in all the open appointments in his schedule. “I was getting such great response that I didn’t want to stop calling. These new business leads were so eager for good information that I knew they were a great fit for my business.”

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April 3, 2020

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