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Direct Mail Campaigns: Tips for First Time Solution Providers

By Joshua Feinberg

Direct mail campaigns are a great way to reach many prospective clients in one shot. There are many tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your direct mail campaign. Rather than having to learn the hard way, we've assembled some of the most effective techniques for maximizing the return on your direct mail campaign efforts.

Direct Mail Campaign Secrets If you are going to mail more than 1000 pieces, consider testing two headlines to see which one draws more inquiries.

Also remember to test which one of the headlines in your direct mail campaign converts more inquiries into customers.

Consider putting your name and photo on your direct mail campaign post cards.

Include a one sentence or so full feature, benefit centered testimonial from a local small business owner.

Use a two-step selling process with your direct mail campaign. Offer qualified small business owners something free and irresistible. This way the business owners have to fill out a qualifying questionnaire as the first step in the direct mail campaign. Good free items to offer include:




Rather than offer a free product in your two-step sales process, offer a free needs analysis appointment or initial consultation. Make sure you keep this appointment to a maximum of 30 - 45 minutes.

Use your free offers to build trust. Whether your direct mail campaign offers a free product or service, prove your trustworthiness by always following through with your free offer.

Consider offering a seminar. Seminars should be part of your overall business strategy so use your direct mail campaign to kick start your schedule.

Always set a deadline date for the free offers. Giving 14 to 30 days to respond to a direct mail campaign is an adequate time frame. If you prefer, you can also limit the quantity offered to the first x number of customers.

The Bottom Line on Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail campaigns are impersonal so you need to be very creative when trying to entice people to contact you. Including personal information, adding testimonials, and making free offers are all excellent ways to improve the outcome of your direct mail campaigns.

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March 30, 2020

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