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Small Business Mailing Lists

By Marcus Peterson

Small business mailing lists are helpful for small to medium sized business who want to increase their customer base via direct mail. This method is like firing a shotgun into the water and hoping to hit some fish; most pellets will miss, but some will strike. For most small businesses, direct mail marketing campaigns are the most cost-effective way to approach new and existing customers. Given their budget constraints, small businesses need to be extra careful in targeting consumers based on extensive demographic data. These marketers need to enhance their campaigns to reach those customers whose interests and incomes best match their requirements. There is no margin for error with outdated or inaccurate mailing lists.

With a well-honed, targeted mailing list, a small business can hope for a better rate of investment (ROI) than mailing randomly. When using the services of a reputable list broker or vendor, the marketer must ensure that the lists supplied are targeted, updated and legally sold. Lists should be updated every three to six months.

A marketer should aim at a healthy 5% ROI when starting the direct mail campaign. A test run is important before mailing the piece to the prospect base, to gauge the impact of the piece.

Among others, The Business Advantage ( is a searchable online database that helps small businesses in expanding their customer base with its in-depth regional business and marketing directory services. Small businesses can easily custom-build a B2B database or a targeted business list based on criteria such as business type, SIC code, or size of business.


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March 30, 2020

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