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Direct Marketing Services

By Josh Riverside

When talking about direct marketing services, the product has a very special position, as it constitutes the most substantive element in any marketing offer. A good product is the number one weapon in the marketing man's arsenal. Almost everything that we come across in our daily life is a product. All of them have some utility behind them; all of them cater to and satisfy the needs of some people. So, in simple terms, we can define a product as a "need satisfying entity."

Marketing starts with the identification of human needs, and culminates with the satisfaction of these needs. It is by offering something that the marketing man achieves this culmination. And this "offering" is the product. The job of marketing is to make the product and the customer meet. When the product wins over the customer, it marks the consummation of marketing.

A product is not a mere non-living object; it is not a mere assemblage of matter- physical and chemical. Utility alone is not the function of a product. A product means something more than a physical

March 30, 2020

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