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Reviews of our New Business Lists
from Our Loyal Clients

What our clients are saying about

"I was constantly frustrated by being told by great prospects that we were too late – they’d already signed up for merchant services. Now, ours is the very first offer they hear. Our close rate has doubled.” – Michael R., merchant services.

“At first I was skeptical, but after calling a few numbers on my list, it was obvious. These people just opened for business, and I was their first caller. I was impressed.” – Derek S., telecommunications installer.

"As a small business owner, finding time during the day to dig up a prospect list was impossible. The fact that I can order my list on my terms after business hours makes marketing a lot easier." – Gina L., office supply shop.

"I’ve bought business lists before with mixed results. You guys really came through. I got four new customers out of 25 calls!" – Rick N., copier service.

Insurance is one of those things that all businesses need, but it’s usually not the first thing they think about. It’s great to be able to reach them right at the crucial time they’re ready to buy." – Mike T., insurance agent.

April 3, 2020

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